Assigned Seats Can Grow Your Team

Staff Meetings are an important part of the operation of your Center and it’s important that you take advantage of the full meeting. One great way to start off your meeting is by doing assigned seating. Not from a controlling aspect but more of setting up situations that can benefit each employee.

Typically when Teachers come into the meeting place they sit with those they know. Why not change things up – even if you are a small Center. Consider seating them by classroom, pairing them up with someone they don’t work with so they get to know someone new, seating a new employee next to a veteran employee that can mentor them, or putting 1 leader at each table and maybe incorporating a discussion into your staff meeting where the person can lead the conversation.

Setting things up can provide leadership opportunities or build relationships with your team. Comment below with your seating plan and how it benefits your team.

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Write It Down Watch It Happen

As a new year comes and goes do you find yourself still having big goals for your Child Care Center but nothing has happened yet?   We are heading into our first full week of February – what are you getting done?  Are you enrolling the new families you wanted to enroll?  Did you come […]

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Re-Building Employee Relationships

Do you have a Teacher or an Assistant that just won’t follow policy?   Maybe they are late all the time – maybe they don’t follow your curriculum policies – whatever it is…I know they are out there! You’ve probably tried everything you can think of – pointing out improvements they need to make – […]

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Drop Off and Lunch Program

  Need more revenue at your child care center?  We have the answer!   Join us on March 23, 2017 at 7:30 pm for a virtual training on how to develop a Drop Off & Lunch Program (without a Kitchen!) for $35.   Learn more HERE.

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10 Minutes A Day

  Do you ever sit there and look at your Desk and think how am I ever going to get this done?  Between State regulations – our own expectations as a Center – our staff – Parents – the kids….there isn’t enough time in a day.   If you are a Director of a child […]

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Training For The Child Care Center Director

5 tips

As Directors we are required to attend continuing education hours each year. Most Directors take the hours in early education…but what about the business side of being a Director? Marketing….supervising Teachers…keeping the Center running efficiently so people will want to continue to sign up. That’s where we come in. We record everything so if you […]

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Word of Mouth Marketing – easy!

Advertising in print is so expensive.   Radio – way too expensive.   Facebook – more cost effective and it works.  Website traffic isn’t bad either.   But the number one referral I have is word of mouth.  How do you put money into that? You can’t!   But you can put time in.   […]

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5 Minutes Of Heaven During The Day


  It can’t be all work and no play right?  I find myself sitting at my desk or walking around the Center and eating lunch on the fly.   Here are a few things I do to get away from it all….even for a minute…well 5: Sit in a chair in your office – other than […]

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Lawn Marketing – What Is It?

  Have you ever heard of lawn marketing?  I hadn’t either until I made it up when I needed a new idea to draw in clients when we were opening ScribbleTime!   Keeping your now enrolling sign up all year sends mixed signals to your potential clients.   Why are they always enrolling – is something wrong?   […]

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Teachers Standing Around?


One of the biggest turn off’s to Parents and potential clients on tours is walking in and seeing a Teacher in a classroom full of children just standing there not talking to the kids.   From the outside looking in they look not engaged and like they don’t want to be there.   From the inside the […]

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