10 Minutes A Day

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Do you ever sit there and look at your Desk and think how am I ever going to get this done?  Between State regulations – our own expectations as a Center – our staff – Parents – the kids….there isn’t enough time in a day.   If you are a Director of a child care center and you are so busy in the day to day operations of the Center you are MISSING OUT on improving things at your Center.

You see whether you are full and have a waiting list or you have openings in your Center you constantly need to keep up with and improve on things at your Center.   If you get so busy in the day to day you’ll keep putting it off and not doing anything to improve or maintain the great things about your program.

So I’m going to challenge you….are you up for it?   Starting today and everyday give your Center 10.    10 minutes that’s it a day.   This week find 10 minutes everyday and during the 10 minutes write a list of improvements you want make or programs you want to implement or a list of things to review that you haven’t looked at in a while.  This is NOT paperwork time – this is working on your Center.

Once you get the 10 minutes down I want you to up it to 15.   You will be AMAZED at the things you can do in 10!

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