408….It Will Amaze You

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You might not believe this… Last year I testified at the Massachusetts State Senate hearing on the topic of implementing a child care union in our State.   I spent some time before my testimony thinking of how I can explain every single thing that goes on in Centers from across the country to a group of people that might not understand the work we do every day.

I thought about what we do for one child a day…..and then expanded it to every child in the Center and what do you get?   11,987,040…that’s right.   As a child care center Director with 113 students at my center each day we perform 11,987,040 tasks in one year!   On average that’s 408 tasks per child per day on average.   I lead those days….crazy to think of it all.

Think about from walking through the front door – teaching – snack – diapering – parents – business partners – cleaning – paying bills – the list goes on!      So take 408 and multiply it by the number of students you have each day.   That is what you lead on a daily basis.   If you take that number and multiply it by 5 (5 days in the week) and then take that number and multiply it by the number of weeks you are open (52 for a full year program) that is the total number you lead each year!

Pause for a second and don’t feel overwhelm – feel pride on what you can do!

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