5 Minutes Of Heaven During The Day

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It can’t be all work and no play right?  I find myself sitting at my desk or walking around the Center and eating lunch on the fly.   Here are a few things I do to get away from it all….even for a minute…well 5:


  • Sit in a chair in your office – other than your desk chair – and eat lunch there.   Keep away from electronics or work related items during this time.   Tell the staff you are taking 5 and to wait until (and name the time to call)…but if it’s an emergency interrupt!
  • Go for a 5 minute walk.
  • Bring one of the magazines you leave piled in your home you don’t have time to read and leave it at your desk.   Take 5 minutes to read it.
  • Go outside or sit some place comfortable and put head phones on and listen to some music for 5 minutes.
  • Bring a book and leave it in your car or at your desk and read for 5 minutes.

5 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot….but during the kind of days we have when we are always pulled in a lot of directions 5 can provide us with the break we need.

So do me a favor, take 5 for yourself each day….or a few times during the day and I bet you’ll feel refreshed and ready to jump right back in.

Go take 5,

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