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You TOOK ACTION and here it is…..5 Ways To Take Down Your Now Enrolling Sign Self Study!

Simply follow the step by step plan below to put these 5 Ways in action at your Center.

  1. Print the FREE Special Report:    5 Ways Free Training
  2. Watch the Training Video:   Here’s the link!
  3. Follow our Pinterest Boards –  CLICK HERE
  4. Go take down the NOW ENROLLING sign
  5. Follow the TAKE ACTION boxes throughout the Special Report
  6. Tip #2 Communicate –  Follow the steps on this page to put this plan in place (Your Facebook Posts on this page).     CLICK HERE
  7. Tip #3 Unite – Follow the stepson this page to put the checklists plan in place.   CLICK HERE
  8. Tip #4 Referrals – Follow the steps in the Take Action box of this section
  9. Tip #5 Recognition – Employee Management is important follow the steps to put this plan into action.   CLICK HERE
  10. To make this program easier on you we suggest completing a Tip a week.   Set aside 30 minutes per day each week and get this done!  Or take 1 full day per week for 5 weeks and implement the program.    The investment of your time will show in the results you get at your Center!
  11. Don’t stop now.   Keep learning every month and getting the support you need.   Join our Leadership Line!  LEARN MORE HERE

Why not join the Leadership Line group?   A monthly virtual training program where you continue to learn how to lead your Center and get the support from us and other Directors from across the country!   Click HERE to learn more about the Leadership Line.

We’re committed to support Centers across the Country build enrollment….one step at a time…TOGETHER!


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