Who We Are

  noelleandsarah3.jpgSarah Chace-Goral and Noelle D’Intino are sisters who were at a cross roads in 2004.    They were having lunch with their Parents at their house when Noelle told everyone that she was taking a severance package from her job.  The commute to Boston and the long hours of work were taking her away from her family and she wanted to find work closer to home.  Sarah was sharing stories of how awful her experience in the early childhood field was and that cleanliness and education needed to be a part of every Center!

Our father said why don’t you open a Center together?  We sort of brushed it off for the rest of the talk because Noelle didn’t know anything about the field except for her 2 year old and Sarah didn’t know anything about running a business.  When Noelle got in the car to drive home it all clicked, she has the business noelleandsarah2.jpgexperience to run a Center and knows what she wants for her child from a working mom’s perspective, and Sarah has the expertise and passion to develop a program that every child will grow and learn in and understands what the Teachers need and want.  So she picked up her cell phone and called Sarah and the brainstorming began!  Noelle left her job in the spring of 2004 and spent months working on the manuals, paperwork, and business aspects of running the Center while Sarah was working.  On weekends we would spend time reviewing the documents, researching, and buying things to start up!


Noelleandsarah.jpgOn June 7, 2005 our doors opened ScribbleTime A Center for Early Learning in the community of North Attleboro, Massachusetts.   We are so grateful to spend our days together caring, loving, and educating our community’s future leaders.   ScribbleTime has 154 students enrolled between the ages of 6 weeks – 6 years, 9 classrooms and a team of 30.   Our Center doubled in size the second year resulting in double the classrooms, staff and children.   The waitlist began growing and grown.    In 2013 we were at a crossroads – do we expand again or do you franchise?   Prior to this we began consulting with local child care centers – helping them open, fixing problems, and providing consulting services.   When we talked about the impact we want to make on child care we decided the only way we can make a big impact on child care centers across the country was teaching our model to others.   We have a management model that has helped us grow quickly, stay on top in our community, and kept our waitlist full!   We want to teach that to you to and so Flip My Center was born.   It’s a division of ScribbleTime and we give you access to our model and our management experts!

We are looking forward to watching your Center shine in your community.

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