Assigned Seats Can Grow Your Team

Staff Meetings are an important part of the operation of your Center and it’s important that you take advantage of the full meeting. One great way to start off your meeting is by doing assigned seating. Not from a controlling aspect but more of setting up situations that can benefit each employee.

Typically when Teachers come into the meeting place they sit with those they know. Why not change things up – even if you are a small Center. Consider seating them by classroom, pairing them up with someone they don’t work with so they get to know someone new, seating a new employee next to a veteran employee that can mentor them, or putting 1 leader at each table and maybe incorporating a discussion into your staff meeting where the person can lead the conversation.

Setting things up can provide leadership opportunities or build relationships with your team. Comment below with your seating plan and how it benefits your team.

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Write It Down Watch It Happen

As a new year comes and goes do you find yourself still having big goals for your Child Care Center but nothing has happened yet?   We are heading into our first full week of February – what are you getting done?  Are you enrolling the new families you wanted to enroll?  Did you come up with that employee retention program you wanted to implement.

You have had 5 weeks of 2017 – what have you gotten done and what’s left?   Don’t feel bad if you say nothing.   I’m so busy running around with my head cut off at my Center.   The day to day operations are bogging you down from moving forward. You have no time!

As a leader in your Child Care Center you must take action – you must set boundaries with the external people and things that take your time and find time to work on your business.


Take 1 hour and write down your goals and ideas on how to achieve them.   Don’t stress over this exercise.   This isn’t a final paper – it’s not a final exam – it’s your 2017 Getting My Goals Done Finally document and it’s a live working document.   Next schedule 1 hour within the next 7 days – an hour all alone with nothing else to do but go to this goals document and work on something to move you closer towards achieving your goals.

Today we started the 30 Day Leadership Challenge For Child Care Center Directors on Facebook.   (If you missed this group a new one will start next month – CLICK HERE to request approval to the group on Facebook and when the group opens again we’ll add you in.) This is our challenge today – we’re working on a process I call The Big Picture and setting goals that will get done!

Another great resources is the book Write It Down, Make It Happen – it’s a great read for those of you needing more help getting things done.   This book proves you must write down your goals and track how you do.  Here’s the book

Write your goals down, set aside a little time to work on them, WATCH YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!   I’m cheering you on as you move your Center forward in 2017!









Re-Building Employee Relationships

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Do you have a Teacher or an Assistant that just won’t follow policy?   Maybe they are late all the time – maybe they don’t follow your curriculum policies – whatever it is…I know they are out there!

You’ve probably tried everything you can think of – pointing out improvements they need to make – talking to them about it on end – it’s probably a lot and time consuming.

This week I want you to try something new.   Try a different approach.   Re-build the relationship with them.

How do you do that?

  1. Connect with them on a personal level.   Find something they are interested in and talk about that.   Find something you have in common and talk about that.
  2. Point out things they are doing well.   Consider recognizing them in public or using a Teacher Recognition program (check out this cool one we have on Pinterest  HERE).
  3. Try a new approach to addressing the issues.   Instead of saying ‘Michelle you are always late I need you here on time.” Try sitting down with them and saying it in a different way.  “Michelle we both know you have had some trouble being consistent with starting on time what’s going on?  Can I help in any way?”

In the 11  years our Center has been open we have had 100’s of employees.  Some great…some not so great.   I find managing them is just like managing the kids.  When you can’t get through to a child to change a behavior you change your way of teaching with them.   You seek new approaches.   It’s exactly the same with managing your employees.   Some would respond instantly to you speaking to them about their tardiness…others just brush it off.   Some may brush it off because they don’t care but others do care and maybe they have things preventing them that you don’t even know.

By re-building your relationship with them it brings the positiveness back.   It connects them to you again in a good way.   It begins to build the trust again.   An employee who has a connection with their leader is more likely to be more consistent in their job performance.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!


Drop Off and Lunch Program


Need more revenue at your child care center?  We have the answer!   Join us on March 23, 2017 at 7:30 pm for a virtual training on how to develop a Drop Off & Lunch Program (without a Kitchen!) for $35.   Learn more HERE.

Enrollment Building Training for the Busy Director


We’re excited to announce a 4 part series to help child care centers from across the country build enrollment AND create more efficient processes to help the busy Director!   We’re Directors – so we know what takes up your time and we know what you need to get done!

In a recent survey 63% of you told me that enrollment is important.   The secret to building enrollment and keeping the phone ringing even when you are full is to get people talking about your Center.   Parents who are enrolled – their friends and family who they talk to – parents at the park that tell strangers – parents who tell co-workers….my phone rings and I hear all these things.   To get this happening for your Center you NEED to run a great Center and engage your audience on social media.   September is going to change your Center – sign up for these classes and things will improve if you implement our tips!


using checklists logoClass #1:   Wednesday, September 9th 12:00 pm EST

A checklists will bring in a new customer?  You bet!   We started this system 9 years ago and it works.   Once you get your checklists set up you will wonder why you never did this before!   This easy to use system delegates work easily among your Teachers and the best part – it keeps them busy during rest time doing the things that need to be done!   You will love the impact this has on your Center!!  In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. How a checklist will bring in potential clients
  4. What checklists are needed
  5. Example Checklists
  6. Downloadable Checklists
  7. How to manage checklists & your team

buy this class $37


using facebook logoClass #2:  Using Facebook To Build Enrollment

Monday, September 14th 8:00 pm EST

In this class you will learn simple ways you can use Facebook to get the word out there that you have spots available at your Center.  Hanging up a Now Enrolling sign, placing ads in papers, and posting you have openings isn’t going to do it any more!   We have a tried and true marking plan….and it’s super easy AND best of all inexpensive….to get your phone ringing!  In this 1 hour class you will get:

  1. 1 hour live training class
  2. Workbook
  3. 50+ Facebook post ideas
  4. Facebook ins and outs
  5. Easy scheduling to save time
  6. How to create eye catching graphics (even if you aren’t creative like me!)
  7. How to deal with negative comments
  8. How to understand your ideal client and what makes them buy

buy this class $37

using client careClass #3:   Client Care

Thursday, September 17th 1:00 pm EST

In this class you will learn all about our Client Care System that brings in potential clients ALL THE TIME!   This 3 step super simple system takes minutes a week and has a huge impact on retention of customers AND brings in new clients a lot!  In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. Our 3 step client care processes
  4. How to deal with clients when they are upset
  5. Results that will wow you!

buy this class $37


using binder systemClass #4:  The Binder System

Wednesday, September 23rd 8:00 pm EST

It’s overwhelming when you think about all the paperwork – observations – reports – report cards – reviews you have to do in a week, month, year.   Add that all work on top of marketing, managing, cleaning, leading, answering the phones, enrolling…you catch our drift!   We get it.  That’s why we developed a Binder System.   This easy to use system organizes EVERYTHING to keep you on top of your classrooms and the paperwork so you aren’t left sitting for hours trying to catch up.   In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. Our Binder system – 5 binders is all you need!
  4. Step by step to set this up
  5. Tips & Tools to keep this implemented and save you sooooo much time!

buy this class $37


Each class is $37 to attend – a small investment that will have a huge impact on your Center…..and your life!   If you purchase all 4 classes you will only pay $99!   As with everything we do at Flip My Center the classes are recorded and each one comes with a training page that contains the video, workbook and any handouts!   As a Bonus for anyone signing up for all 4 classes you will receive a link to the Leadership Line class on the 9th AND a private Facebook group for 2 months with Directors just like you.  You can ask questions – get support – and we’ll talk all about the training and how we are implementing it!

I can’t wait to get started on the 9th!

buy 4 classes 99

10 Minutes A Day

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Do you ever sit there and look at your Desk and think how am I ever going to get this done?  Between State regulations – our own expectations as a Center – our staff – Parents – the kids….there isn’t enough time in a day.   If you are a Director of a child care center and you are so busy in the day to day operations of the Center you are MISSING OUT on improving things at your Center.

You see whether you are full and have a waiting list or you have openings in your Center you constantly need to keep up with and improve on things at your Center.   If you get so busy in the day to day you’ll keep putting it off and not doing anything to improve or maintain the great things about your program.

So I’m going to challenge you….are you up for it?   Starting today and everyday give your Center 10.    10 minutes that’s it a day.   This week find 10 minutes everyday and during the 10 minutes write a list of improvements you want make or programs you want to implement or a list of things to review that you haven’t looked at in a while.  This is NOT paperwork time – this is working on your Center.

Once you get the 10 minutes down I want you to up it to 15.   You will be AMAZED at the things you can do in 10!

Keep up with all of our training we have currently by clicking HERE.



Training For The Child Care Center Director

5 tipsAs Directors we are required to attend continuing education hours each year. Most Directors take the hours in early education…but what about the business side of being a Director? Marketing….supervising Teachers…keeping the Center running efficiently so people will want to continue to sign up. That’s where we come in. We record everything so if you can’t make it – don’t worry – you’ll get a copy of the video emailed to you!

Here is a list of current Trainings offered at our Center:

MARKETING:      Facebook for the busy Director – March 26th 2:30 pm EST Learn more HERE

ENROLLMENT BUILDING:   5 Tips To Build Enrollment For The Busy Director – April 1st 1pm EST    Learn more HERE

EVERYTHING:  Leadership Line – a monthly training and private facebook group for Directors across the country   Learn more HERE 




Word of Mouth Marketing – easy!

client care facebookAdvertising in print is so expensive.   Radio – way too expensive.   Facebook – more cost effective and it works.  Website traffic isn’t bad either.   But the number one referral I have is word of mouth.  How do you put money into that?

You can’t!   But you can put time in.    Taking care of the current clients you have is one of the areas you can invest in to get more word of mouth advertisement!

Picture this – a new family starts and everything seems perfect.   They are friendly – there have been no issues brought to your attention.   Then 30 days after their start date they get an email from you asking how the first 30 days has gone….do they have questions… they need help with anything…how are things going?

This new family will feel so valued and special and chat about it with their friends.   Seriously!

Recently I received a call from a potential client with a full time infant and toddler.   She said her co-worker was just telling her how much she loved her child care (ScribbleTime!) !   The woman said that our customer had just told her that she got an email from one of the owners that asked how things were going – and she even remembered it was the babies 1 month at the Center.   It made her feel like the baby wasn’t just another head count – he meant something and they cared.

So now we’ve reinforced our relationship with our existing client ($60,000 revenue over 6 years) and added a potential client to our waiting list ($108,048 potential revenue!).   All for a simple email letting someone know we care.

Our Client Care system is a quick and easy process (literally 15 minutes a week – that’s it!) and it really shows our Parents how much we are invested in their children….and builds our word of mouth marketing!   That story I told you about the new client….I hear that all the time.

Learn more about our Client Care system HERE!

5 Minutes Of Heaven During The Day

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It can’t be all work and no play right?  I find myself sitting at my desk or walking around the Center and eating lunch on the fly.   Here are a few things I do to get away from it all….even for a minute…well 5:


  • Sit in a chair in your office – other than your desk chair – and eat lunch there.   Keep away from electronics or work related items during this time.   Tell the staff you are taking 5 and to wait until (and name the time to call)…but if it’s an emergency interrupt!
  • Go for a 5 minute walk.
  • Bring one of the magazines you leave piled in your home you don’t have time to read and leave it at your desk.   Take 5 minutes to read it.
  • Go outside or sit some place comfortable and put head phones on and listen to some music for 5 minutes.
  • Bring a book and leave it in your car or at your desk and read for 5 minutes.

5 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot….but during the kind of days we have when we are always pulled in a lot of directions 5 can provide us with the break we need.

So do me a favor, take 5 for yourself each day….or a few times during the day and I bet you’ll feel refreshed and ready to jump right back in.

Go take 5,

Lawn Marketing – What Is It?

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Have you ever heard of lawn marketing?  I hadn’t either until I made it up when I needed a new idea to draw in clients when we were opening ScribbleTime!   Keeping your now enrolling sign up all year sends mixed signals to your potential clients.   Why are they always enrolling – is something wrong?   Keeping it up all year also does another thing that works against you – it becomes a permanent fixture on commutes to and from work and once something is always there we tend to not see it.   Do you read every sign every day when you drive by?

Take the sign down and replace it with something that will get their attention.   Have the kids create an art project for out there like pin wheels or decorate the front of your Center.

Follow our Lawn Marketing board by CLICKING HERE and let us know what inspires you to put on your front lawn to market to new clients!

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