Center’s Shine When Leaders Lead.

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Do you think you are leading your Center or reacting to the day to day?   Everyone can achieve excellence at their centers because excellence is a choice.   It’s purposeful planning to have an excellent Center….reacting to day to day issues as they arise without a plan is not going to get you your dream Center!

For example your Teachers could be forgetting to tell Parents they are running out of diapers for their child.   Parents are always complaining to you that it’s last minute.   You could just let it go and react every time a Parent complained or every time a Teacher told you a Parent forgot again!

Or you could make sure your Center shines in your community and take initiative!

Leaders spend time anticipating problems and fixing them.    To lead your Center you would notice this was a problem after a complaint or two and put in place a process.   A simple fix could be you train your Teachers verbally and in writing that when a child has 2 days of diapers left a ticket you designed goes in the child’s cubbie or bag letting the Parents know that this.   Now the Parent has two days to get the diapers to you instead of rushing to Target tonight!

Lead your Center to success!   This is what builds enrollment.

Shine on!

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