Friday the 13th isn’t so bad when you have a check in

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Do you spend quality time with your Teachers?    I don’t mean just walking through the rooms and saying hi or asking what’s going on this weekend?   Or checking in with them on the fly to see how the kids are doing.

fridaythe13thisntsobadBy quality time I mean sit down and invest sometime into them?   Try implementing check in’s – a scheduled meeting with a Teacher where you are not interrupted and you can just sit and discuss how things are going as an employee at your Center.   What are their personal goals?   How can you help them meet these?    Share the things they are doing really well.   Leave this on a positive note and don’t critique them.    Follow through with any promises you made during this check in.

Do these check in’s every 3 months.  This builds relationships – motivates your Teachers – and strengthens their commitment to your Center.

Lead on!

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