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Are you looking for more students to enroll in your Center and NEVER have to pay for advertising….or pay very little?   Well Word of Mouth marketing is what you need….but how do you invest in word of mouth marketing?

Client Care!

Client care is when you take care of your customer – your Parents – so they feel valued and spread the word about how great your Center is!  This training will:
  • Show your investment in your Center by giving Parents time (and it’s really not  a lot!)
  • Support your Parents and students as they graduate from room to room
  • Solve problems before they turn into Parents who leave
  • For real….it’s a small amount of time for a HUGE RETURN – WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING!!

Here’s how it works:

  • Put in place our 3 step Client Care system – 15 minutes each week (really!)
  • Respond to any concerns
  • Listen (for the phone to ring!) for the results!

Our Center has been using this system for almost 10 years and it works!    Just this week:

  1. On Monday I toured an Infant family.   When I asked her how did you hear about ScribbleTime her answer was “A friend knows someone who came here and that Mom said the owners always check in and solve problems.” (That’s my client care system!)
  2. Thursday this week I was on the phone with a potential client and asked the same question – how did you hear about us?  She told me that a co-worker just told her how much she loved her child care center.   She asked her where do you go – ScribbleTime – I love them because I just an email from the owner asking how the first 30 days went in the infant room and she thought it was thoughtful we knew the date AND that we cared enough to check in.  Now this new potential client is on my waiting list!


If you are a Child Care Center Director or Owner it’s no secret it takes work to build enrollment – using our Client Care System 15 minutes a week adds so much value!!  Are you ready to build up your word of mouth marketing?   Purchase our Client Care class for $37 by using coupon code clientcare15.   This class is typically $69 but you’ll save $32 today!   You will get:

  • A training page with the steps all laid out
  • A 1 hour training video
  • A workbook with the plan
  • Email templates for the system
  • Calendar templates if you need them
  • and a system that works and is EASY!

Start building enrollment TODAY!

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