Communication is Key….and can build enrollment

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Do you ever have wonder what the best way to communicate with your Parents is because sometimes not everyone seems to get the memo?   When we opened we decided to have Orientation Meetings with the Parents in our Pre-K and Kindergarten program so they know what is expected to help prepare their child for the next big step.

communicationiskeyitbuildsenrollmentThe first year we invited the families with their children to our Center to have the meeting…big mistake.   You couldn’t hear over the children – they were just running around and really excited we were all together.   Year two we decided to have the meeting on a specific night, we had the kids play in the gym, and we met with the familes….and it went well with about 60% participation.

Then we learned about   It’s a free conference call in number – PLUS you can record it!   Here is the plan:

  1. Sign up for a free conference number
  2. Invite your families to call into the number at night when the kids go to bed – we do them at 8:00 pm.
  3. Discuss a topic – either train them on something – give them an update – share how the classroom is run during the year and what they can do to help their child during the year to prepare for Kindergarten.
  4. Record the call and email it out or provide it to families who couldn’t attend.

Parents will love the communication and they will tell their friends how innovative you are and how well you communicate.   The word gets out how your Center shines in your community….it all it took was  a free call in line and 30 minutes of your time!

Build enrollment through communication!

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