Enrollment Building Training for the Busy Director


We’re excited to announce a 4 part series to help child care centers from across the country build enrollment AND create more efficient processes to help the busy Director!   We’re Directors – so we know what takes up your time and we know what you need to get done!

In a recent survey 63% of you told me that enrollment is important.   The secret to building enrollment and keeping the phone ringing even when you are full is to get people talking about your Center.   Parents who are enrolled – their friends and family who they talk to – parents at the park that tell strangers – parents who tell co-workers….my phone rings and I hear all these things.   To get this happening for your Center you NEED to run a great Center and engage your audience on social media.   September is going to change your Center – sign up for these classes and things will improve if you implement our tips!


using checklists logoClass #1:   Wednesday, September 9th 12:00 pm EST

A checklists will bring in a new customer?  You bet!   We started this system 9 years ago and it works.   Once you get your checklists set up you will wonder why you never did this before!   This easy to use system delegates work easily among your Teachers and the best part – it keeps them busy during rest time doing the things that need to be done!   You will love the impact this has on your Center!!  In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. How a checklist will bring in potential clients
  4. What checklists are needed
  5. Example Checklists
  6. Downloadable Checklists
  7. How to manage checklists & your team

buy this class $37


using facebook logoClass #2:  Using Facebook To Build Enrollment

Monday, September 14th 8:00 pm EST

In this class you will learn simple ways you can use Facebook to get the word out there that you have spots available at your Center.  Hanging up a Now Enrolling sign, placing ads in papers, and posting you have openings isn’t going to do it any more!   We have a tried and true marking plan….and it’s super easy AND best of all inexpensive….to get your phone ringing!  In this 1 hour class you will get:

  1. 1 hour live training class
  2. Workbook
  3. 50+ Facebook post ideas
  4. Facebook ins and outs
  5. Easy scheduling to save time
  6. How to create eye catching graphics (even if you aren’t creative like me!)
  7. How to deal with negative comments
  8. How to understand your ideal client and what makes them buy

buy this class $37

using client careClass #3:   Client Care

Thursday, September 17th 1:00 pm EST

In this class you will learn all about our Client Care System that brings in potential clients ALL THE TIME!   This 3 step super simple system takes minutes a week and has a huge impact on retention of customers AND brings in new clients a lot!  In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. Our 3 step client care processes
  4. How to deal with clients when they are upset
  5. Results that will wow you!

buy this class $37


using binder systemClass #4:  The Binder System

Wednesday, September 23rd 8:00 pm EST

It’s overwhelming when you think about all the paperwork – observations – reports – report cards – reviews you have to do in a week, month, year.   Add that all work on top of marketing, managing, cleaning, leading, answering the phones, enrolling…you catch our drift!   We get it.  That’s why we developed a Binder System.   This easy to use system organizes EVERYTHING to keep you on top of your classrooms and the paperwork so you aren’t left sitting for hours trying to catch up.   In this class you will get:

  1. 1 hour training class
  2. Workbook
  3. Our Binder system – 5 binders is all you need!
  4. Step by step to set this up
  5. Tips & Tools to keep this implemented and save you sooooo much time!

buy this class $37


Each class is $37 to attend – a small investment that will have a huge impact on your Center…..and your life!   If you purchase all 4 classes you will only pay $99!   As with everything we do at Flip My Center the classes are recorded and each one comes with a training page that contains the video, workbook and any handouts!   As a Bonus for anyone signing up for all 4 classes you will receive a link to the Leadership Line class on the 9th AND a private Facebook group for 2 months with Directors just like you.  You can ask questions – get support – and we’ll talk all about the training and how we are implementing it!

I can’t wait to get started on the 9th!

buy 4 classes 99

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