Want Likes? Get Real.

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Get real on social media and watch the LIKES go up and up!   Here are a few ideas on how you can get real:

  1. On a Thursday do a Throw Back Thursday on Facebook of you as a child or a Teacher as a child.   People love to see where you came from.
  2. Thank your clients on Social Media.   Show them how real you are by telling them why you appreciate why you own your Center and thank them for enrolling so you can feel that.
  3. Share something funny you did….like yesterday I carried my paperwork, lunch box, pocketbook, and medium sized iced coffee – FULL – and I tripped over my own two feet and dropped the coffee all down the front of me, in my sneakers and all over my office floor.   The picture of the mess made me laugh…and so did the 42 people who liked it and laughed too!
  4. Talk about the centers in the classroom that are your favorite or your favorite book or the favorite thing to teach.   Let them know what you are about.

Getting real with your clients let’s them get to know you…build a relationship with you.  It also gets them engaged on Facebook by LIKING your posts….and that is how you spread the word about your Center on Facebook!

Make it real today!

My .99 Secret Organization Trick

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Can you tell me how many things are on your To Do list?   Probably more than you want to count.   I used to have a list of things to do for the Teachers, for my family, for my house, for my volunteer work, plus a list of ideas I have for to help me lead my Center better.   I’ve tried online lists – apps that keep track of everything – nothing worked.

my 99 organizational trickOne day I took a .99 Composite Notebook from Walmart and used tabs I bought at Staples from the Martha Stewart line.   I added the following tabs in this note book:

  • To Do – this is for my to do list
  • Ideas – when I hear  a great idea I could implement it goes here
  • Employees – notes when I speak with them so I remember what’s important
  • Family – my to do for my family & home
  • Flip My Center – anything related to Flip My Center clients and training
  • Technology – websites I like, passwords I have for the free website accounts I like

My .99 notebook organization system keeps me feeling like I know what’s going on – I get things done – I cross them off – I see progress and I FOLLOW THROUGH…that’s important.   Want to see my notebook?  It’s on Pinterest find it HERE

Organization helps you feel in control…try this out!

Safety Sells Spots at Your Center

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 A big selling feature you should point out on a tour about your Center is having a security plan.   Parents want to leave their children in a safe and secure Center.


  1. Do the required fire drills every month according to your State Licensor.   If they don’t make you do them then schedule monthly drills with the children.
  2. Post it on Facebook that you have fire drills each month when you do it – say something about something that went well.
  3. Mention fire drills on tours.
  4. At the beginning of a tour ask the tour to leave a government issued photo identification – leave them on the front desk – explain to them that you like to leave them there so if there was an emergency the Police & Fire Department would know who was in the building.   This shows you think outside the box and that safety is really important.

While safety isn’t your typical “Marketing Tool” it’s a very good one for clients like ours!

Stop Late Tuition Payments Today!

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You don’t have to tell me what it’s like to have to constantly collect tuition from those that don’t pay on time.  Child Care Centers across the nation provide our new clients with the tuition that needs to be paid each week or month.   We tell them the day it’s due.  We have a budget to meet and need the tuition when we agreed to it in our contracts.

stop late tuition payments todayWhy don’t they pay when they never forget to bring their child to our Center?

It could be for many reasons….can’t make the payment on the date it’s due, they have other bills to pay, they don’t think about it, they aren’t organized enough to have the check prepared and keep forgetting it.
I’m not going to address how to fix each of these reasons – set up this plan and you’ll collect most of your tuition every week – I do!

  1. Put out a letter to every client reminding them of your tuition due policy.   Advise them you are updating this policy and add a $25 Late Tuition Fee.   For example, my rule is the tuition is due each week and if it is not paid by Friday at 9 am there is a $25 assessed to the account.    Add this line “I know you must understand that we have a budget like you and it’s important to the operations of the Center that your tuition is paid each week on time.   We appreciate your business and understanding in this new policy.”
  2. On the deadline that week or month look at the list of those Parents that owe the money.   Either send them an email or print them a letter such as “Your tuition was due on Friday at 9 am and we did not receive it.    Please make your tuition payment as soon as possible and include the $25 late fee.   Your tuition due is $________________.” Keep copies of these in the children’s files so you have a record.
  3. I have always waived the first time but I still give them the letter in step 2.   I like to make sure they know that there is a process and that we understand it might happen once in a great while…not frequently.

Sometimes I find when I speak with Centers they struggle with this but there is no process or policy.    Or there is a policy it’s just uncomfortable to enforce.   Do it with letters – showing there is a process – it’s important to follow it – and if you don’t you owe additional fees.   $25 per week adds up over the month so they are more likely to remember to pay.

It’s uncomfortable…but so are a lot of things.   I know you can do this and we’re here to support you.   Email me back when you implement this…I want to support you!

It’s All For You!

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This was all created for you!   Flip My Center is a way to provide resources to child care centers that will help you build enrollment, motivate your team, and create processes that will be more efficient at your Center.

it's all for you

This was all created for you!   Flip My Center is a way to provide resources to child care centers that will help you build enrollment, motivate your team, and create processes that will be more efficient at your Center.

How do you use Flip My Center?  Easy.


  1. Keep reading these tips!   They are designed to provide you with a quick piece of information or tool you can implement at your Center that might build enrollment, motivate your team, or create a processes that is more efficient and saves you time.
  2. Join the conversation on Facebook.   We provide tips, quotes, resources, and laughs and we want to connect with you there.   Get connected!
  3. The perfect resource – Flip My Center Pinterest Boards!   Go to PInterest and follow us!   There are boards with training ideas, Front Lawn Marketing (LOVE this one!), tips for Child Care Center Directors, plus lots of boards you can use to share on your Center’s Facebook page to build more engagement – like Mom Quotes – Ideas for School Lunches.  Follow us now!
  4. Sign up for our free trainings when we offer them – even if you can’t make the time.   We record everything and provide you with the video and any other information.  You can watch these whenever you have time….or watch them again and again as a refresher.

I told you this was created for you….and it is.  Take action and start getting involved with us!

Have a spectacular day!


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