I love him!

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Do you know how much I love John Maxwell??   He’s my favorite author and speaker.    I listen to him as much as I can while I’m working and this is one of my favorite quotes.

ilovehim“The first person you lead is you.” – John Maxwell

It’s important if you want to lead the Teachers in your Center and motivate them you need to lead yourself first.   Learn as much as you can, try new things when what you are doing isn’t changing anything, and make a commitment to consistently gain new ideas!   Check out this video by John Maxwell on his 5 Levels of Leadership – you’ll know why he’s my favorite!

Click Here To Watch The Video

If you your State licsensor lets you approve your own trainings then this one is 30 minutes and it’s so worth it…plus it’s free!

Let me know how you like it below!

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