Lawn Marketing – What Is It?

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Have you ever heard of lawn marketing?  I hadn’t either until I made it up when I needed a new idea to draw in clients when we were opening ScribbleTime!   Keeping your now enrolling sign up all year sends mixed signals to your potential clients.   Why are they always enrolling – is something wrong?   Keeping it up all year also does another thing that works against you – it becomes a permanent fixture on commutes to and from work and once something is always there we tend to not see it.   Do you read every sign every day when you drive by?

Take the sign down and replace it with something that will get their attention.   Have the kids create an art project for out there like pin wheels or decorate the front of your Center.

Follow our Lawn Marketing board by CLICKING HERE and let us know what inspires you to put on your front lawn to market to new clients!

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