My .99 Secret Organization Trick

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Can you tell me how many things are on your To Do list?   Probably more than you want to count.   I used to have a list of things to do for the Teachers, for my family, for my house, for my volunteer work, plus a list of ideas I have for to help me lead my Center better.   I’ve tried online lists – apps that keep track of everything – nothing worked.

my 99 organizational trickOne day I took a .99 Composite Notebook from Walmart and used tabs I bought at Staples from the Martha Stewart line.   I added the following tabs in this note book:

  • To Do – this is for my to do list
  • Ideas – when I hear  a great idea I could implement it goes here
  • Employees – notes when I speak with them so I remember what’s important
  • Family – my to do for my family & home
  • Flip My Center – anything related to Flip My Center clients and training
  • Technology – websites I like, passwords I have for the free website accounts I like

My .99 notebook organization system keeps me feeling like I know what’s going on – I get things done – I cross them off – I see progress and I FOLLOW THROUGH…that’s important.   Want to see my notebook?  It’s on Pinterest find it HERE

Organization helps you feel in control…try this out!

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