Get A New Client By Sharing


  Consistent posting on Facebook will get more likes which will get you more of a reach.   A reach is how many people see it.   I like your post….all my friends saw I liked it….multiply that by 10 people…20 or even 50 and think about the reach.   We share simple photos and will get a […]

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Communication is Key….and can build enrollment


  Do you ever have wonder what the best way to communicate with your Parents is because sometimes not everyone seems to get the memo?   When we opened we decided to have Orientation Meetings with the Parents in our Pre-K and Kindergarten program so they know what is expected to help prepare their child for […]

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Dealing With Difficult Parents

  Do you get nervous when a Parent starts to get angry at you?   It’s so uncomfortable when a Parent starts getting heated on a topic.     It could be over a tuition bill, or something a Teacher did…or didn’t do…a comment someone made….you name it a Center somewhere in the country has had to deal […]

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Friday the 13th isn’t so bad when you have a check in


  Do you spend quality time with your Teachers?    I don’t mean just walking through the rooms and saying hi or asking what’s going on this weekend?   Or checking in with them on the fly to see how the kids are doing. By quality time I mean sit down and invest sometime into them?   Try […]

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408….It Will Amaze You

  You might not believe this… Last year I testified at the Massachusetts State Senate hearing on the topic of implementing a child care union in our State.   I spent some time before my testimony thinking of how I can explain every single thing that goes on in Centers from across the country to a […]

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Center’s Shine When Leaders Lead.

  Do you think you are leading your Center or reacting to the day to day?   Everyone can achieve excellence at their centers because excellence is a choice.   It’s purposeful planning to have an excellent Center….reacting to day to day issues as they arise without a plan is not going to get you your dream […]

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I love him!


  Do you know how much I love John Maxwell??   He’s my favorite author and speaker.    I listen to him as much as I can while I’m working and this is one of my favorite quotes. “The first person you lead is you.” – John Maxwell It’s important if you want to lead the Teachers […]

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Want Likes? Get Real.

  Get real on social media and watch the LIKES go up and up!   Here are a few ideas on how you can get real: On a Thursday do a Throw Back Thursday on Facebook of you as a child or a Teacher as a child.   People love to see where you came from. Thank […]

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My .99 Secret Organization Trick

my 99 organizational trick

  Can you tell me how many things are on your To Do list?   Probably more than you want to count.   I used to have a list of things to do for the Teachers, for my family, for my house, for my volunteer work, plus a list of ideas I have for to help me […]

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Safety Sells Spots at Your Center


 A big selling feature you should point out on a tour about your Center is having a security plan.   Parents want to leave their children in a safe and secure Center. Do the required fire drills every month according to your State Licensor.   If they don’t make you do them then schedule monthly drills with […]

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