Re-Building Employee Relationships

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Do you have a Teacher or an Assistant that just won’t follow policy?   Maybe they are late all the time – maybe they don’t follow your curriculum policies – whatever it is…I know they are out there!

You’ve probably tried everything you can think of – pointing out improvements they need to make – talking to them about it on end – it’s probably a lot and time consuming.

This week I want you to try something new.   Try a different approach.   Re-build the relationship with them.

How do you do that?

  1. Connect with them on a personal level.   Find something they are interested in and talk about that.   Find something you have in common and talk about that.
  2. Point out things they are doing well.   Consider recognizing them in public or using a Teacher Recognition program (check out this cool one we have on Pinterest  HERE).
  3. Try a new approach to addressing the issues.   Instead of saying ‘Michelle you are always late I need you here on time.” Try sitting down with them and saying it in a different way.  “Michelle we both know you have had some trouble being consistent with starting on time what’s going on?  Can I help in any way?”

In the 11  years our Center has been open we have had 100’s of employees.  Some great…some not so great.   I find managing them is just like managing the kids.  When you can’t get through to a child to change a behavior you change your way of teaching with them.   You seek new approaches.   It’s exactly the same with managing your employees.   Some would respond instantly to you speaking to them about their tardiness…others just brush it off.   Some may brush it off because they don’t care but others do care and maybe they have things preventing them that you don’t even know.

By re-building your relationship with them it brings the positiveness back.   It connects them to you again in a good way.   It begins to build the trust again.   An employee who has a connection with their leader is more likely to be more consistent in their job performance.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!


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