Safety Sells Spots at Your Center

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 A big selling feature you should point out on a tour about your Center is having a security plan.   Parents want to leave their children in a safe and secure Center.


  1. Do the required fire drills every month according to your State Licensor.   If they don’t make you do them then schedule monthly drills with the children.
  2. Post it on Facebook that you have fire drills each month when you do it – say something about something that went well.
  3. Mention fire drills on tours.
  4. At the beginning of a tour ask the tour to leave a government issued photo identification – leave them on the front desk – explain to them that you like to leave them there so if there was an emergency the Police & Fire Department would know who was in the building.   This shows you think outside the box and that safety is really important.

While safety isn’t your typical “Marketing Tool” it’s a very good one for clients like ours!

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