Adminisrative Plan Cover Page
This training will introduce you to our Binder System which we use at ScribbleTime.   This system helps you manage the day to day things you need to do at your Center and keeps you on top of your paperwork!

Paperwork, files, marketing, emails….you name it we have to take care of all of this according to our State Licensor AND manage the kids and the teachers.   It isn’t easy being a Director but it will be soon once you take this class.

After you take this class you will:

      1. Learn how to stay on top of your yearly and weekly calendar
      2. Learn how to break out time each day to get things done
      3. Not be afraid of setting boundaries
      4. Learn our 5 Binder System for Teachers AND You!
      5. Never worry about missing something…because it’s in the Binder!
      6. BONUS – our Leadership Line Members have been emailing us questions so at the end of the call we’ll be answering them.   It’s about Parent relations.

Stop stressing and start learning this easy system!

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