Master Marketer

All you have to do to market your child care center is create an ad and put it in the paper.   WRONG!   Marketing has changed drastically over the past 7 years and as a Child Care Center you need to stay on top of current practices, have a plan, know how you want to implement it, AND a system to track it.   Sounds like a lot but it’s really not using the ScribbleTime system for Marketing.

In this self study class you will receive:

-      Training video

-      The Master Marketer  Workbook

-      Marketing Planning Work Sheet

-      Marketing Tracking download

-      Potential Client Form

-      Example Preschool Tour Packet

-      The What Makes You Shine? Activity

-      The marketing plan step by step!

At the end of this training you will be a Master Marketer of your Child Care Center!

Are you ready?


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