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One of the most important ways you can sell your Center to potential clients is by having them come in on a tour and seeing how your Center shines!   Clean, organized, and how the Teachers are running the classrooms.   As a Child Care Center Director we all know you can’t be everywhere at once!   Once you get one room on target the next classroom gets off track.

We also struggle with how the Teams work together.   Does one Teacher do more than another and the workload is uneven maybe causing personnel issues?   Do the Teachers who open the Center come in to find it’s a mess in the morning because the closing Teachers didn’t do what was expected?

How does a checklist help out?   It’s so simple.   You have a proceflip my Center 006ss on how you want  a classroom to close at the end of the night.   You simply put the process into steps and put it on a checklists.   Laminate the checklist or put it in a pocket protector and your Team checks it off as they go.   You assign the workload evening and exactly how you want it done….your Center shines without you having to be in the room directing everything!

These also work very effectively when a Lead Teacher goes on lunch break.   You present the checklists of what the covering Teachers can do while the children rest and the Lead Teacher takes a break.   Your Lead Teacher comes back with things off her checklist and is more relaxed instead of having lots of things on her plate.

In this training you will learn how to utilize checklists to build enrollment by communicating to your employees your expectations, have a system in place, and rewarding them for performance!   Implementing the checklist system will build enrollment because existing families will love the organization and your Center will shine on tours with potential clients!

You will receive:

1    The Using Checklists To Build Enrollment Workbook   – which includes MANY examples of checklists we use at ScribbleTime!

2   The Training Video

3    An Excel and a Word Checklists Template so you can start your own today or copy the ones in the Workbook!

4.  A step by step process on how to get this started

TAKE ACTION NOW and begin making your life easier while engaging your team!

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