Teachers Standing Around?

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One of the biggest turn off’s to Parents and potential clients on tours is walking in and seeing a Teacher in a classroom full of children just standing there not talking to the kids.   From the outside looking in they look not engaged and like they don’t want to be there.   From the inside the Teacher could be struggling with what to do and how to engage – some new Teachers get nervous – some veteran Teachers forget how important it is.

stopteachersfromstandingaroundThis will help:

  • At your next staff meeting discuss how important it is to engage with the students by asking open ended questions.
  • Provide the Teachers with what you expect when they engage and give examples of open ended questions.
  • As a Team brainstorm open ended questions and have someone write them all down.
  • Type up all of the open ended questions and distribute to your Teachers.

This will show your team what you expect, it’s fun to brainstorm on projects and see them in action!  When you see someone doing this correctly stop them and say it in front of everyone.   Write them a note and hang it in the lobby.   Leave them a note on their time card or locker.   This reinforces the behavior to keep happening!

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