Want Likes? Get Real.

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Get real on social media and watch the LIKES go up and up!   Here are a few ideas on how you can get real:

  1. On a Thursday do a Throw Back Thursday on Facebook of you as a child or a Teacher as a child.   People love to see where you came from.
  2. Thank your clients on Social Media.   Show them how real you are by telling them why you appreciate why you own your Center and thank them for enrolling so you can feel that.
  3. Share something funny you did….like yesterday I carried my paperwork, lunch box, pocketbook, and medium sized iced coffee – FULL – and I tripped over my own two feet and dropped the coffee all down the front of me, in my sneakers and all over my office floor.   The picture of the mess made me laugh…and so did the 42 people who liked it and laughed too!
  4. Talk about the centers in the classroom that are your favorite or your favorite book or the favorite thing to teach.   Let them know what you are about.

Getting real with your clients let’s them get to know you…build a relationship with you.  It also gets them engaged on Facebook by LIKING your posts….and that is how you spread the word about your Center on Facebook!

Make it real today!

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