Word of Mouth Marketing – easy!

client care facebookAdvertising in print is so expensive.   Radio – way too expensive.   Facebook – more cost effective and it works.  Website traffic isn’t bad either.   But the number one referral I have is word of mouth.  How do you put money into that?

You can’t!   But you can put time in.    Taking care of the current clients you have is one of the areas you can invest in to get more word of mouth advertisement!

Picture this – a new family starts and everything seems perfect.   They are friendly – there have been no issues brought to your attention.   Then 30 days after their start date they get an email from you asking how the first 30 days has gone….do they have questions…..do they need help with anything…how are things going?

This new family will feel so valued and special and chat about it with their friends.   Seriously!

Recently I received a call from a potential client with a full time infant and toddler.   She said her co-worker was just telling her how much she loved her child care (ScribbleTime!) !   The woman said that our customer had just told her that she got an email from one of the owners that asked how things were going – and she even remembered it was the babies 1 month at the Center.   It made her feel like the baby wasn’t just another head count – he meant something and they cared.

So now we’ve reinforced our relationship with our existing client ($60,000 revenue over 6 years) and added a potential client to our waiting list ($108,048 potential revenue!).   All for a simple email letting someone know we care.

Our Client Care system is a quick and easy process (literally 15 minutes a week – that’s it!) and it really shows our Parents how much we are invested in their children….and builds our word of mouth marketing!   That story I told you about the new client….I hear that all the time.

Learn more about our Client Care system HERE!

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