Write It Down Watch It Happen

As a new year comes and goes do you find yourself still having big goals for your Child Care Center but nothing has happened yet?   We are heading into our first full week of February – what are you getting done?  Are you enrolling the new families you wanted to enroll?  Did you come up with that employee retention program you wanted to implement.

You have had 5 weeks of 2017 – what have you gotten done and what’s left?   Don’t feel bad if you say nothing.   I’m so busy running around with my head cut off at my Center.   The day to day operations are bogging you down from moving forward. You have no time!

As a leader in your Child Care Center you must take action – you must set boundaries with the external people and things that take your time and find time to work on your business.


Take 1 hour and write down your goals and ideas on how to achieve them.   Don’t stress over this exercise.   This isn’t a final paper – it’s not a final exam – it’s your 2017 Getting My Goals Done Finally document and it’s a live working document.   Next schedule 1 hour within the next 7 days – an hour all alone with nothing else to do but go to this goals document and work on something to move you closer towards achieving your goals.

Today we started the 30 Day Leadership Challenge For Child Care Center Directors on Facebook.   (If you missed this group a new one will start next month – CLICK HERE to request approval to the group on Facebook and when the group opens again we’ll add you in.) This is our challenge today – we’re working on a process I call The Big Picture and setting goals that will get done!

Another great resources is the book Write It Down, Make It Happen – it’s a great read for those of you needing more help getting things done.   This book proves you must write down your goals and track how you do.  Here’s the book

Write your goals down, set aside a little time to work on them, WATCH YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!   I’m cheering you on as you move your Center forward in 2017!









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